Do it Yourself Tech Support

If you have used a computer for any amount of time you are well aware that a PC problem, if not corrected can blow an evening, a work day or even and entire weekend of computer productivity. When these problems occur you get that sinking feeling and realization that your productivity has been derailed. No matter if you use your PC for business or personal use, you know you can’t wait too long and getting you back to normal becomes your main focus.

How can I solve this problem becomes your mantra. How do you identify what has gone wrong with your computer? If it is after hours, tech support access is not available. And like so many of us, you may have experienced an English as a second (or third) language support technician who sincerely tries, but their communication skills are not understandable, resulting in a non-resolved situation. Or finally, like so many others of us, your tech support contract has expired and you did not renew it. What all of this boils down to is do it yourself tech support as your only solution.

Sometime correcting your computer snafu is simple and involves you reversing the last change you made to your PC. However such a quick fix is not always the solution It is often necessary for you to do a little detective work to first determine what is the nature of the problem…is it a software error or a hardware error?

Software errors are problems you encounter when running, operating, or using a program on your computer. When the application does not do what it is designed to do or out right crashes then you know this is the starting point of your do it yourself tech support.

If a physical component of your computer wears out, (generally because of age or too much heat), which results in component interaction problems as well as operating system and application mis-behaviors, you could be looking at a hardware error. Hardware errors can be easy to fix but are sometimes costly.

No matter what type of problem you encounter it is important to determine the nature of its origin and seek out the right troubleshooting tool to correct your specific problem. One of the best PC problem solving tools available is the Internet. Search engines, product manuals, and user reviews are available in mass and offer you every bit the trouble shooting know how you could derive from any tech support technician.

No, do it yourself tech support is not fun, however, if you use a personal computer for business or personal use, it has become one of life’s necessary evils. It is very satisfying to successfully fix your own PC when something has gone awry and you know you did not have to pay a repair shop to do it for you.

When you are under pressure to correct an issue quickly, there is a drastic but effective trouble shooting fix which will solve a great deal of ills and is less time consuming then trouble shooting. That is, reinstalling your operating system and applications. Only do this if your are certain that you have all of your personal files backed up and that you have each applications installation media and activation key, if applicable, available on other media. Again, it is drastic but I have seen it work a number of times.

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